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What is La Vida Sagrada?

La Vida Sagrada is an small, humble organization devoted to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing through the use of the sacred medicine of ayahuasca, other medicinal plants of Peru, integrative healing practices, and spirituality.

We currently specialize in small, intimate ayahuasca retreats, long-term healing programs, personalized and flexible healing visits, and remote healing from Peru.

We currently operate seasonally during different times of the year in a  Retreat Center  that is located in a quiet and peaceful jungle location, approximately 45 minutes outside of central Iquitos, Peru.

Our Team

Robert with Aya


Founder, Curandero de La Ciencia Blanca



Arnaldo Vasquez Catashunga

El Maestro de La Ciencia Blanca


Silvia Tafur

Facilitator, Administrator, Art Therapist

La Vida Sagrada — “The Sacred Life” -- is the website portal for the newly-formed La Vida Sagrada (LVS) organization. A living being in its own right, LVS is currently in its birth stage. Fostered with an open heart and instilled with integrity, LVS will grow and develop at the exact rate at which the Universe provides for it. Formed from nothing–no starting funds, no employees, and no reservations– it will evolve into something so much more. Solely through the founding intention of playing its part in the grand design to be a vessel through which the healing energy of divinity can flow to all life and its inhabitants, will La Vida Sagrada mature into adulthood. Just as in the lives of all, there are many stages along the way, and many growing pains to endure, but these are occasions for continued learning and growth. The intention of its being has been set, here, in this moment.

-SalenViel, January 2015.

About its founder SalenViel.

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