Our Ayahuasca Retreat Center

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    Beautifully landscaped.

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    Quiet and peaceful setting.


  • The Commons – a very large building w/ group kitchen, dining room, and very large ceremonial space; mosquito netting; 4 bathrooms just outside of building; used for all group meal preparation by staff, group meals, ceremonies, and group circles.
  • 1 Large Group Bungalow (4-8 persons)– 4 separate (shared) bedrooms w/ 2 single beds each. Private rooms when available at extra cost; shared bathroom + shower; mosquito netting, kitchen w/ stove and sink, small common room/dining area; long deck area.
  • 1 Small Bungalow (2-4 persons) – 1 Large loft style room w/ divider for kitchen w/ stove and sink; private bath, mosquito netting; can be privately booked for 1 or 2 people at additional cost.
  • Rotundas – several smaller installations for hanging out in the shade w/ benches/hammocks.
  • Laguna – Small private lagoon w/ stream.
  • Botanical Garden – manicured and landscaped property w/ various plants and trees of the jungle.


The camp is located off of Km 14 of Iquitos Nauta Highway. It is approximately 20 minutes from the airport and 40 minutes from the city of Iquitos, Peru by car/mototaxi. It is a quiet, serene place surrounded by nature, which allows space for reflexion and tranquility. Walking 20-30 minutes to the highway will allow you to catch a collectivo for 2 soles into town or give you access to fruit stands and local small restaurants.


There are no roads connecting Iquitos to any other Peruvian city. We recommend flying from the Lima airport to Iquitos via Peruvian Airlines or StarPeru roundtrip for between $120 and $160 USD depending on timing (Other airlines might charge you for being a foreigner). One can also take a boat (takes multiple days) from one of the nearby jungle cities at your own risk and research.

Average Prices Motocar

  • Iquitos<->Camp (rountrip motocar, 40 soles; one way, 20 soles)

  • Airport<->Iquitos (one way, 10 soles)

  • Within Iquitos<-> (2 soles)

  • Camp<->Airport (10 soles)

Prices by private taxi or car are usually at least double the price of a motocar.

Renting a van w/ driver for the day is 250-300 soles.

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