Botanical Medicines

botanical medicineOur interest is not only in the use of ayahuasca for healing, but also providing our guests with appropriate other medicines from the numerous medicinal plants of the Peruvian amazon. Robert has experience with producing botanical medicines and medicinal extracts of plants for 20 years, and this research continues to be a focus of his efforts.



Healing the Physical Body with Medicinal Plants

We believe in using ayahuasca (when appropriate) to help heal the spiritual (karmic) and emotional bodies, mindfulness techniques to help heal the mental body, and other medicinal plants to help heal the physical body. When all of these bodies are in balance, then true healing be realized.

We strive to provide botanical medicines for any condition with special focus for the stomach region (intestines, colon, stomach), for arthritis,  for autoimmune disorders, and for various cancers.

rob_medicineAll botanical medicines are prepared using both traditional shamanic and Western techniques in order to provide the highest quality extracts, teas, and tinctures. Each is prepared in small batches with great love and care.

All botanical medicines are provided free of charge during any privately arranged healing stays at La Vida Sagrada’s camp. Additional medicine is available for purchase to take with you for use beyond your stay.

Beginning in May 2015, we will have formations available for cancer (various types), prostate, intestines and stomach, kidneys, liver, immune system, arthritis, and inflammation. These will be available in tincture, tea, powder, and pill form.

For any inquiries or requests, please use the general contact form to the right.

Many Blessings and Much Love.


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