Ayahuasca Retreats

Upcoming Ayahuasca Retreats and Healing Programs 2015

Oct 23rd – Nov 29th: Privately-Arranged Healing Visit

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Throughout our upcoming seasonal work in the jungle, we are open to arranging private, personalized healing stays at our center. The dates, length, and types of medicine work are arranged according to your needs. Guests may exercise the option to not physically drink the ayahuasca if they so choose or are unable due to a specific health condition while still participating spiritually and energetically. Please refer to our Medical Guidelines before you register for your stay with us. Using the contact form to the right and “Private Healing Visit” as the subject line, you can initiate the process of arranging your stay. Cost and Advanced Deposit is determined by the length of your stay.

1 Night: $125 (includes option of 1 ceremony)

7-Nights+: $750 (includes option of up to 4 ceremonies per 7 nights), extra nights + $100

4-Weeks: $2500 (includes option of up to 14 ceremonies and at least one 1-on-1 personalized healing ceremony), extra nights + $90

Economic Difficulty? Please inquire about a Partially or fully sponsored Healing Visit. Sponsorship is only available for visits of 1 week or longer.

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Nov 2nd – 29th: 4-Week Immersive Holistic Healing Program

We are very blessed to offer a 4-Week Healing Program during the month of November 2015. This program is intended for those seeking a longer exposure to the medicine work in a smaller, more personalized environment. If you are wanting to experience great personal or spiritual growth or physical healing for a chronic condition, please consider our 4-week program. The program will have a steady rhythm of medicine work, integration time, and supportive activities over the four week-long cycles. The medicine work will include a supportive diet, inner organ cleanses, ayahuasca ceremonies, and supplemental plant medicines depending upon the condition(s) being treated. Group medicine (sharing) circles, therapeutic art sessions, and private consultations are scheduled to facilitate both the healing and integration processes, while ayurvedic abayanga oil self-massage, yoga, and meditation will provide support to body and minds as guests undergo this deep cleansing and healing. The general cost includes all meals, room and board, as well as all medicine and medicine work while you are a guest. (4 Weeks/at least 10 ceremonies, $1750)

Economic Difficulty? Please inquire about a partially-sponsored progam.

To Register use the contact form to the right.

Upcoming Retreats and Programs in 2016

We have not yet announced any formal retreats or programs for 2016. We are, however, taking reservations for private ayahuasca retreats and healing stays. We are also If you would like to arrange a private ayahuasca retreat for you and between 3-10 people, please contact us using the contact form to the right. We will announce our programs soon.

Contacting La Vida Sagrada

Please use the contact form to the right for all inquiries, consultation or private healing (distance or local) requests, and reservations for one of our retreats and programs.

We are a small organization, and intend to stay small in size, humble in expression,  and compassionate in service. Our intention is founded upon the integrity of an open heart–to bring healing to all in search of it.

Please have our gratitude for considering our ayahuasca retreats, programs, or other services as you begin or continue your journey with this sacred medicine.


The camp is located off of Km 14 of Iquitos Nauta Highway. It is approximately 20 minutes from the airport and 40 minutes from the city of Iquitos, Peru by car/mototaxi. It is a quiet, serene place surrounded by nature, which allows space for reflexion and tranquility. Walking 20-30 minutes to the highway will allow you to catch a collectivo for 2 soles into town or give you access to fruit stands and local small restaurants.


There are no roads connecting Iquitos to any other Peruvian city. We recommend flying from the Lima airport to Iquitos via Peruvian Airlines or StarPeru roundtrip for between $120 and $200 USD depending on timing (Other airlines might charge you for being a foreigner). One can also take a boat (takes multiple days) from one of the nearby jungle cities at your own risk and research.

Locations for all ayahuasca retreats are at La Vida Sagrada’s Jungle Camp Location, 45 minutes outside of central Iquitos, Peru. (25 minutes from the airport).


Schedule of Ayahuasca Retreats, Programs for May, June, and July 2015 (closed)

May 3rd – May 16th: Open for Privately Arranged Healing, Including Private Ayahuasca Retreats and Ceremonies (contact us if you would like to schedule).

May 17th – 23rd: 7-Day Ayahuasca Retreat (4 ceremonies).

May 27th – July 22nd: 8-Week Ayahuasca Shamanic Immersion (Apprenticeship) Program.

June 22nd – 27th: 6-Day Ayahuasca Retreat (3 ceremonies).

July 13th – 18th: 6-Day Ayahuasca Retreat (3 ceremonies).

Locations for all ayahuasca retreats are at La Vida Sagrada’s Camp, 45 minutes outside of central Iquitos, Peru. (25 minutes from the airport).

Scroll down past the registration instructions for detailed descriptions of the ayahuasca retreats and programs.

How to Register

  1. Use the contact form to the right to register using the subject line to indicate which.
  2. Receive a response email within 48 hours containing deposit information and a link to the Retreat Information Document containing important information, including travel details and an embedded payment information form.
  3. Pay the PayPal deposit (saving the Paypal receipt number, you’ll need it for the registration form) OR pay the deposit by Bank Transfer.
  4. Submit the embedded form within the response email with your payment information.
  5. Receive a confirmation email for your participation.
  6. Pay the remaining balance of your registration cost in person upon arrival in US$ (crisp, unmarked, unripped bills, otherwise exchange houses won’t take them) or in Peruvian Soles (at current exchange rate).

Private Healing Work Including Ayahuasca (May 1 – May 16th)

Not looking for a full ayahuasca retreat expereience, La Vida Sagrada can arrange for private healing experiences on a daily or weekly basis. Lodging and meals are provided. This is NOT an ayahuasca retreat format. Your course of ayahuasca and other healing plants will be prescribed.  If you are in a physical or psychological condition that would preclude you from drinking ayahuasca or want to opt out of using ayahuasca, then your healing work will be done with other medicinal plants, energy healing, and the use of “spiritual ayahuasca” doses during ceremony.

Cost: $600/Week or $100/day

Private Ayahuasca Ceremonies (Month of May only)

If you are looking for a safe, private place to have an ayahuasca ceremony but cannot attend an ayahuasca retreat because of time or money, consider our private ayahuasca ceremonies. We can only provide single ceremonies for people with previous experience with ayahuasca. If this is your first experience with ayahuasca, we ask that you participate in at least 2 ayahuasca ceremonies (3 is preferable) for best results. An appropriate diet will be provided. Use the contact form on the right for inquiries and registration.

Cost: $150/ceremony or $400/3 ceremonies.


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