About the Founder

Robert Sindelar
Photo by Nel Lato, 2014

In January 2015, Robert, established LaVidaSagrada.com, and its parent organization La Vida Sagrada.

Hailing from Canada and the United States, he originally trained as a organic synthetic and pharmaceutical chemist through the graduate programs at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and UC-Berkeley.  He eventually left the pharmaceutical chemistry industry track due to ideological differences to become a high school chemistry, geometry, and computer science teacher. After attending his first ayahausca retreat, he immediately knew that his future would involve researching medicinal plants, and assisting others heal themselves, increase their awareness, and grow spiritually. He was the lead facilitator and retreat director at The Way Inn – Ayahuasca Healing Center, while acting as the assisting shaman to Maestro Arnaldo Vasquez Catashunga during retreats, leading private ceremonies, and studying indigenous botanical medicine. He has been initiated into La Ciencia Divina (The Divine Science) school of shamanism under Maestro Arnaldo Vasquez Catashunga.

Philosophy of Healing:

  • All dis-ease comes from imbalances withing the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, and therefore he works with the sacred medicine of ayahuasca to restore balance to the subtle bodies, while using other medicinal plants to help heal the physical body.

His current projects include the development of medicinal plant extracts and tinctures for the treatment of physiological difficulties and disease, the development of an ayahuasca and alternative medical research and healing program, private healing sessions, shamanic counseling, general life coaching, and the development of curriculum-based shamanic apprentice programs.


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