Our Sponsorship Program (newly modified)

At La Vida Sagrada (LVS), our goal is to provide healing opportunities to all, regardless of financial capacity. In order to achieve this, we do rely upon some guests who are able to pay more to sponsor a guest who cannot pay as much but who would benefit greatly from the healing work. Our sponsorship program is available to Each of our retreats and programs, as well as any privately-arranged healing visit of at least 7 days.

For each sponsor we receive, we are able to take one subsidized retreat guest. If we have enough sponsors, or even if we don’t, we do like to provide retreats or private healing stays on a donation basis to those in need when we are financially able.

If you are in need of healing through one of our retreats or programs but are unable to pay the full amount of the registration, please contact us through our contact form to apply for a subsidized retreat. If we receive a sponsor, then we will select a recipient of the subsidized retreat award on a need-basis.

If you are able to pay, and would like to also give the opportunity to another who is less able financially, please consider our sponsorship program. You can choose the amount of your sponsorship, and that amount will be deducted from the cost of the program for someone less financially able on a need-based priority. Thank you for your generosity and your kindness.

Sponsor Level: Regular Cost + %X
Regular Level: Regular Cost
Subsidized Level: Regular Cost – %X (awarded 1:1 with the sponsor level)
Gratis Level: $0 (awarded when we are financially able; usually once per program season)

Our Sponsorship Program (newly modified)

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