Ayahuasca Resources

Medical and Medication Guidelines 

Thinking of participating in an ayahuasca retreat or ceremony? Even if you are participating in ceremony elsewhere, please be responsible with your safety by reviewing our very thorough medical and medication guidelines first. Certain health and psychological conditions might preclude you from participating due to physical or psychological safety complications. Also, most, if not all, medications must be ceased prior to partaking in ayahuasca. Certain medications can cause very serious complications with ayahuasca and need up to 6-8 weeks to completely be removed from your system. Others require shorter time periods. Make sure you completely disclose any medical, psychological, and prescription medication information to the center or facilitator of your ayahuasca experience.

Ayahuasca Consultations

Performed by email or by skype. Pre-Ayahuasca, Post-Ayahuasca Integration, and Full Ayahuasca Coaching are available. These consultations are intended for anyone considering, participating in , or wanting assistance or guidance after an ayahuasca retreat or ceremony, anywhere (not just through La Vida Sagrada). Click here for more details or use the page top navigation menu.

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