Private Healing

Distance Healing

All Distance Healing requests are arranged privately by email by using the form to the right, by using the name of the healing session in the subject field. Example: for a Venteada Distance Healing Session, use “Venteada.” All emails will be answered within 48 hours with a paypal link for your donation, conditions of Peru internet permitting.

Ra-Haraktys Distance Energy Healing Session 

Similar to Reiki, Ra-Haraktys involves the movement of energy and can be conducted in person or from a distance. SalenViel was given the “energetic software” of Ra-Haraktys  healing and trained by NarSham, who also channeled his sacred name, in the methods of Ra-Haraktys. Healing can be general chakra rebalancing or targeted healing (for specific areas of the physical, emotional, and/or spiritual bodies).

Duration: 45 minutes

Suggested Donation to LaVidaSagrada: 30 USD

Venteada Distance Shamanic Healing Session

Venteadas are 1-on-1 healings/blessings performed by a shaman, usually during the course of an ayahuasca ceremony; however, they are also very effective over distance and in the absence of ayahuasca. SalenViel can conduct these healing sessions either during an ayahuasca ceremony in Peru as he is in La Mareacion (the shamanic trance) or outside of ceremony at any time. You can arrange a venteada for yourself, a loved one, a loved one who has passed on, or even a pet. Within 1 week after the venteada, you will receive an email follow-up from SalenViel. Information in the email will be more detailed if performed during La Mareacion. If you like, you can coordinate with us, so that you are aware of the time during which it will be conducted.

Duration: 15 to 30 minutes

Suggested Donation: 50 USD during aya ceremony; 20 USD w/o aya

Spiritual Ayahuasca Coordinated Distance Healing Session

During a specially planned ayahuasca ceremony, during which the participant will arrange to join spiritually from a distance. SalenViel will sing a spiritual dose of ayahuasca through his icaros to the recipient, who will be in quiet meditation at the coordinated time (can be lying down). Through La Ciencia Divina, he will send blessings and healing channeled through his vessel. He will also enter a state of deep trance through which he will ask permission to receive visions to aid in the healing. At the close of the ceremony, each recipient of the spiritual ayahuasca will also receive a personal venteada (see above). Each participant can either communicate directly to us about his/her healing request or simply let SalenViel work through his intuition and visions for their healing. Participants will also receive an email within 1 week after the coordinated ceremony from SalenViel with information gained through it. We suggest that you remain in a meditative scenario or simply rest for at least 1 hour from the beginning of the coordinated time. Please remain in an appropriate setting for the evening of the ceremony.

Duration: 1 to 3 hours

Suggested Donation:  100 USD

In Person Healing

Private Healing in Peru (May Only)

La Vida Sagrada can arrange for private and personalized healing stays on daily basis (3 Days to 3 Weeks.) Lodging and meals will be provided. This is NOT a retreat format. During your stay, there will be no set number of ayahuasca ceremonies, but the frequency and count of ceremonies will be prescribed by SalenViel and discussed with the client during or before your stay. Other healing plants of Peru will be prescribed and used during your stay. If you are in a physical or psychological condition that would preclude you from drinking ayahuasca or want to opt out of using ayahuasca with your healing process, then your healing work will be done with other healing plants, energy healing, and the use of “spiritual ayahuasca” doses during ceremony.

Daily Rate: 555 USD/week or 100 USD/Day (if less than 1 week)

About Our Suggested Donations

All suggested donation amounts are exactly that: suggested. We at La Vida Sagrada, strongly believe that all healing should be available to all people, whether or not they can financially afford it. However, we must also cover the overhead costs of running a retreat center, development of our future projects, paying support personel, and other incidentals. Please look within yourself and consider paying at least the suggested donation amount if you are able. For each person who can donate the suggested amount, healing can then be provided to 1 person who is in need of it but cannot afford it. If you are able to and also wish to contribute more, please feel free. If you are unable, but still want to donate something, please feel free to choose the amount of your donation. If you are unable to pay anything, please describe your situation in the email of your healing request, and we will do what we can, when we can. All revenue from the healing work of SalenViel through La Vida Sagrada in excess of what is needed to provide healing to whoever is in need of it will be used only to further propagate his healing work and projects.

Thank you from the totality of my beingness for allowing me to continue this life of service. — SalenViel

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