Forgotten Cure: Alternative Cancer Treatment Documentary

Alternative Cancer TreatmentIt would be nearly impossible to find one person who is not touched by cancer in some way. Whether it is through the diagnosis of a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or even oneself, cancer affects each of our lives in a way that no other disease ever has. We, at La Vida Sagrada are very interested in working in the healing journeys of those diagnosed with cancer or at risk for cancer.

Alternative Cancer Treatments

Robert, our founder, is currently involved in a documentary project with Magic Door Films. This project, currently titled The Forgotten Cure explores the journey and treatment of three cancer patients to La Vida Sagrada in Peru for a period of 2-3 months. A multi-faceted alternative approach to healing will be employed in order to assist each patient with his or her healing journey through this disease. Operating on the understanding that we consist of many bodies, beyond the physical, such as the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, the healing approach and methods will reflect such an understanding. A combination of therapeutic methods, plant-based remedies from the jungle, including ayahuasca where appropriate, shamanic healing techniques, and methods for spiritual evolution will be used to address the malady existing in both the physical body and the subtle bodies. Robert will guide each patient through his or her healing journey with the utmost care and compassion, while having access to healing work provided by experienced shamanic healers, such as Robert’s teacher Maestro Arnaldo Vasquez Catashunga.

Want to be a part of the Forgotten Cure?

If you are interested in either assisting in the financing of this project or are currently suffering from cancer and would like to undergo this alternative treatment, please contact us using the contact form located on the right side of each page in the La Vida Sagrada website. Treatment and filming are scheduled to begin in mid to late 2016.

Forgotten Cure: Alternative Cancer Treatment Documentary
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