Private Ayahuasca Consultations and Support

Considering drinking the sacred medicine of ayahuasca? Are you asking yourself, is ayahuasca right for me? Having trouble integrating your ayahuasca experiences? Looking for additional support for your integration process? Or just looking for general life advice? Please consider using our Ayahuasca Preparation and Integration Consultations.

We believe that the single most important service we can provide to the ayahuasca community that is often missing is that of education, preparation, and integration support. All Consultations are conducted by Robert (SalenViel), the former retreat director at The Way Inn Lodge and founder of La Vida Sagrada, and are strictly confidential. We do charge a fee for consultation services for all skype consultations and for all consultations with clients not attending a retreat or program at LVS. These services are available to anyone, whether or not you are attending a retreat/program at La Vida Sagrada; however, there is no charge to full email support to any of guests of La Vida Sagrada’s healing retreats or programs. If you are attending a retreat at a different center or other option, please consider our services to support your experience there. To inquire or sign up for a consultation, please use the basic contact form in the right sidebar, using the name of the type of consultation as well as the method (email, skype) in the subject field. Example: for a post-ayahuasca consultation by skype, “Post-Aya, Skype.” All emails will be answered within 48 hours with a paypal link for payment, conditions of Peru internet permitting. Skype meetings are arranged through email or skype chat by providing your skype username in the body of the initial contact email.

Ayahusaca Consultations

  • Designed for (but not exclusive to) people who are considering trying ayahuasca for the first time who are wanting advice about selecting a center or shaman, numbers of ceremonies, intention-setting, if it is an appropriate healing modality for them, or have questions ranging from health, medication, and personal safety to diet and other preparation concerns.
    By Email: 15 USD
    By Skype: 35 USD/30 min, 60 USD/hour

  • Designed for (but not exclusive to) people who have recently participated in an ayahuasca retreat or ceremony and are searching for methods to help integrate peak experiences, experiences not meeting “expectations”, or even a perceived “lack of an experience” with the medicine; for assistance with translation of experience, visions, or insights; for advice on current challenges upon returning to daily life; and for general guidance following the ayahuasca experience.
    By Email: 15 USD
    By Skype: 35 USD/30 min, 60 USD/hour
  • Includes 1 Pre-Ayahuasca Consultation, 3 Post-Ayahuasca Consultations (at 1 Week, 1 Month, and 3 Months post-ayahuasca), and email support throughout your preparatory and integration parts of your process.
    By Both Email and Skype: 200 USD for 4 x 60 min sessions, includes additional email support.
    By Email: 50 USD

Life Coaching

General Life Coaching and Spiritual Guidance– For anyone looking for direction in the different areas of his/her life: mental, emotional, and spiritual. All questions are welcome. This guiding session is not intended to make decisions for anyone, but to assist the person in opening the heart, developing the internal compass, and accepting his/her spiritual aim or life path into co-manifested reality.

By Email: 15 USD
By Skype: 50 USD/session (45 min.)


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