Healing For All Who Seek It

Cannot afford an expensive ayahuasca retreat, but are in need of healing? Apply for a subsidized ayahuasca retreat at La Vida Sagrada. We are subsidizing 1 or more retreat participants in either our June and July ayahuasca retreats.

One of the founding principles of La Vida Sagrada is to provide healing to all who seek it, whether or not they can financially afford it. We aim to provide reasonable priced healing retreats at a cost that allows us to continue operating, as well as have some potential to begin funding some of our future projects. Built into this cost is the ability to provide a subsidized and/or pro bono healing experience for those whose financial situations would not normally allow them access. As we are developing our new center, our intention is to provide one completely subsidized or more than one partially subsidized retreat experience for every six fully paying retreat guests. We hope to be able to increase the proportion of subsidized retreats as we continue to grow.

We will be providing at least one subsidized retreat for either our June or July 2015 6-Day Ayahuasca Retreat. If you or someone you know has been interested in this healing modality, but have been inhibited by financial constraints, please consider applying for this opportunity. We accept applications through our general contact form found in the right sidebar of each page of the website. In the subject line, please indicate, “Subsidized Retreat,” while using the message area to provide information about the healing you are seeking, the financial constraints that are inhibiting you from it, and anything else about yourself. Please keep your messages to 500 words or less. We will select a shortlist of applicants on April 10th, 2015 and notify them with an email in order to gather further information (such as medical history, current medications, and further details of financial constraints). On April 24th we will select and inform the recipient(s) of the fully or partially subsidized retreat.

Many Blessings and Much Love and Healing.

Healing For All Who Seek It

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